Casino Games: Gambling Is An Exercise For Your Mind

The example of Blaise Pascal, the famous French mathematician of 17th century, proves that gambling might be not so much a purpose as means. It can be an excellent exercise for mind, as in case with Pascal and another French mathematician – Fermat, who invented calculations, now known to us as theory of probabilities.

Theory of probabilities was created when Pascal and Fermat started playing gambling games”, stated one of their contemporaries.

These two scientists did sums on theory of probabilities by correspondence and the relevant material was obtained during their visits to the gambling house at leisure. Later this correspondence resulted in Pascal’s treatise, completely new composition on accidental combinations which govern the gambling games”.

In his work Pascal almost completely casts out phantoms of luck and chance from gambling games, substituting them with cold statistic calculations based on the arithmetic mind. It’s difficult for us to imagine what riot the invention made among the gamblers. We treat theory of probabilities as something trivial, though only specialists are sound on its details, but everyone understands its main principle. But in the times of the French mathematician, the minds of all gamblers were absorbed with such notions as divine intent”, lap of Fortune” and other things that only enhance the obsession by the game adding extra mystical tones to the games. Pascal without any hesitation opposes his thesis to such attitude to the game Fluctuations of happiness and luck subordinate to considerations based on fairness and which aim irrevocably to give every player what actually is owing to him”.

In Pascal’s hands mathematics became fabulous art of foreseeing. It is more than just amazing that unlike Galileo, the French scientist did not make numerous tiring experiments on multiple throwing dice that tool a great deal of time. In Pascal’s opinion, the unique feature of the art of mathematic consideration compared to the common statistics is that it obtains its results not from the experiments but is based on mind foreseeing”, i.e. on intellectual definitions. As a result “preciseness of mathematics is combined with uncertainty of chance. Our method borrows its awkward name – mathematics of chance” from this ambiguity”. Another curious name followed Pascal’s invention – method of mathematical expectation”.

Staked money, wrote Pascal, no more belonged to gamester. However, losing nth sum of money, players also gain something in return, though most of them do not even guess it. In fact, it is something absolutely virtual, you cannot touch it neither put into your pocket and to notice it the gambler should possess certain intellectual ability. We are talking about the acquired right to expect regular gain a chance can give according to the initial terms stakes”.

Somebody will say that it is not so encouraging. However seeming dryness of this formulation ceases when you just pay your attention to word combination regular gain”. Expectation of gain turns out to be quite justified and fair. It’s another matter that a more hot-tempered person is more likely to pay his attention to the word chance” and can give” (and consequently it might also be otherwise).

Using his method of mathematical expectation”, the French scientist thoroughly calculates particular values of right for gain” depending on different initial terms. Thus a completely new definition of right appears in mathematics which differs from the similar definitions of law or ethics.

Pascal’s triangle” or where theory of probabilities fails.
Pascal summed up the results of these experiments in the form of the so-called arithmetic triangle consisting of numerical numbers. If you can apply it, you can precisely foresee probability of different gains.

For common people Pascal’s triangle” looked more like magic tables of kabbalists or like a mystic Buddhist mandala. Failure to understand the invention by the illiterate public in 17th century touched the rumour that Pascal’s triangle” helped to forecast world catastrophes and natural disasters of the remote future. Indeed presentations of theory of probabilities in the form of graphic tables or figures and moreover proved by the real game caused almost religious sensations in uneducated gamblers.

Though we should not mix theory of probabilities with what it is not by its definition. Pascal’s triangle” fails to foresee the future deal in one particular case. Eyeless destiny governs such things- and Pascal never debated it. Theory of probabilities becomes useful and can be applied only in relation to the long series of chances. Only in this case, number probabilities, series and progressions, constant and known in advance can influence the decision of a clever gambler in favor of a particular stake (card, lead, etc.)

Pascal’s invention is even more amazing if to take into account that its famous triangle was known to Muslim mathematician of certain religious orders many centuries ago. It is absolutely true that European Pascal could not obtain this information from anywhere.

All this once again proves that mathematical patterns of any process are the same regardless of time and space and whims of the so called Fortune. Awareness of this fact enraptured by Pythagoreans, philosophers who deeply and emotionally perceived it at that time.

One to thirty-five.
Pascal more and more often faced similar complications connected with the game that caused controversies in gambling houses and aristocratic mansions in France of that time. Among them there was a problem proposed to young Blaise by one of his aristocratic friends.

The problem concerned dice. It was desired to find how many series of throws is theoretically necessary so that the chances to win (two sixs) will dominate the probability of all other outcomes taken together. All this is not so difficult as a beginner may presume. It is easy to notice that in the game with two bones there are only 36 combinations of numbers and only one gives double six. After such explanation it is clear for any sensible person that with one-time throw there is only one chance to thirty-five to win.

The result of these simple calculations can cast down many fans of dice, but on the other hand, the rapture of those lucky ones throwing double six is staggering. Because they know the exact devil number of opposite outcomes that opposed their luck!

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Compulsive Gamblers Five Ways To Detect One?

If the truth be known probably more of us know at least one compulsive gambler than actually realize it. By this I mean it is probably more common than you realize and it is just that we don’t really know what are the correct signs that we need to look for.

By definition, a compulsive gambler is someone who is not able to resist the urge to gamble. This obsession or urge can sometimes lead more often than not too severe personal and social consequences. The compulsion for gambling ultimately becomes so difficult to control about the stress induced by gambling company be controlled perversely by gambling more.

If we take a look at five basic signs that you may be dealing with a compulsive gambler they are as follows. The most obvious sign being that the person as they say walks talks and breathes gambling. They possibly have an obsession and a desire to justify their compulsion by trying to rationalize it within their own mind and discuss it with anybody who’s prepared to listen. With the compulsive gambler, the word and concept enough” does not exist

Alongside this first sign of obsession is an inability to stop. They either cannot stall all we will not stop. Like all true addictions the excessive gambler becomes irritable when they cannot gamble. Unable to cope with this form of gambling cold turkey” they then gamble more to relieve stress.

Sadly this leads to the next tell-tale sign to look for. The compulsive gambler then starts quite honestly to lose their grip on reality. They have to start to lie and tell untruths to hide their habit but sadly this does not extend to ceasing to brag about winning which does tend to give the game away for want of a better euphemism. Finally the thin line between reality and fantasy becomes totally blurred for the compulsive gambler.

The next sign to look for with the compulsive gambler is that quite often after a while they start to hit financial problems. Mortgage and refinance payments start to get missed and loans are quite often refinanced to fund their addiction.

Sadly at the end of it all the compulsive gambler heads toward self-destruction as their relationship with friends becoming jeopardized in relationships with loved ones and friends are collapsing fast. There is an increasing degree of shame and remorse felt after the gambling and with that darkness some sadly contemplate and even worse attempt suicide. At this point the compulsive gambler has lost all control whatsoever. They become quite often manipulative, irritable, argumentative and quite scheming. They tend to lose interest in a lot of their regular activities and hobbies manufacturing quite pathetically poor excuses as to their whereabouts and absence from their normal routine. A sense of time is completely lost at this point and as has been mentioned before the thin line between reality and fantasy has been crossed totally and their grip upon reality becomes extremely tenuous.

At the end of the day only when they either hit rock bottom or their loved ones and family demand remedial action can they actually do something positive about it.

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How Important Is Website Design?

In this article I will be writing about Website Design, how it affects sales, and how it compares in importance to other aspects of Website Management. Lets list the different aspects of owning or managing a Website.

Domain Name: How important is the domain name you choose for your Website? Many people say it is not important at all, yet I have number one listings in Google, Yahoo, and MSN for the key phrases that exactly match my domain name. It matters a lot.

You need a domain name that matches keywords and phrases you will also use in your Website that people are searching for. Many people think their company name should be their domain name. If you have a lot of money for advertising to make your company name something people search for, I agree with you. If you do not have that ad budget, then you need a generic domain name that is a phrase people already search for.

Web Hosting: How important is choosing the right Web Hosting Service for your Website? Again, this is important in many ways. You need your Website to load fast. If your Website loads slow, people will leave without buying anything. You also need to choose a Web Hosting Service that gives good tech support. There are a lot more things to consider when choosing a good Web Hosting Service, but make sure you rate this high on your list of things that are important to your Website.

Web Design: How important is Website Design? Your Website needs to look professional and trustworthy in order to create buyer confidence. A poorly designed Website will cost you sales. However, and this is the part that web designers will hate me for, it is not as important as many of the other aspects of Website ownership and management.

Many web designers know nothing about search engine optimization, picking a good domain name, hosting, Website promotion, or other issues. They only know design. That is a good thing in my opinion, but they should let their customers know they are a designer and cannot help their Website be competitive in the marketplace. Yes, there are some designers that know more than just design, but many do not. Keep this in mind.

A beautiful Website that gets no traffic and makes no money might as well be an ugly Website. An ugly Website that has traffic and makes money gets more beautiful by the dollar.

Search Engine Optimization: How important is SEO to my Website? Extremely important! Again, many web designers do not know how to properly optimize a Website for the search engines. It is important to have someone who specializes in SEO to go over your Website and make sure it is ready to get crawled and indexed by the search engines.

There was a time when SEO was all-inclusive with link building, Website promotion, search engine marketing, etc. Times have changed somewhat and the search engines have become more complicated, so now many people specialize in certain aspects of SEO.

I define SEO as coding the Website properly, writing text that contains the proper amount and correct keywords and phrases, search engine submissions, and some link building techniques.

Search Engine Marketing: What is SEM and how important is this to my Website? Search Engine Marketing by my own definition is marketing your Website through Google Adwords, MSN AdCenter, and other keyword purchasing programs as well as purchasing links, ads, and sponsored listings.

Again, many people are specializing in an area they have success with these days. I am very good at SEO, but I have limited experience with SEM. Therefore, I can make your Website ready to be crawled, do link building, and write text that helps you attract good search engine rank and traffic, but I would not be the guy you would hire to manage your Adwords program.

Website Promotion: Yet another category with a relationship to SEO and SEM. How important is this category? In my opinion it tops the list. What is Website Promotion? This category includes Article Marketing, Press Releases, Link Popularity, Buying Traffic, Blogging, Forum Posting and more.

Why do I consider it more important? First, none of the things mentioned here can stand-alone. You need to consider all of the different aspects as important. However, search engines change constantly. Depending on search engines for all or most of your traffic and sales is putting your life in Google’s hands basically since they account for 60% of all searches now.

If you are comfortable with one company having that much control over how well you do on the web, then ignore Website promotion and just do SEO and SEM. You need traffic from many different sources if you want to be successful. That way if one source dies out, you are not affected nearly as much as someone who only had one or a few sources of traffic would be.

Focus on getting traffic from every source you can. Post comments in Blogs and Forums related to your topic. That means actually join the forums or blogs and actually get involved in the conversations there and post quality comments. Be helpful to people at the forums and blogs. Ask questions. No one will mind that a link in your SIG line goes to your Website is you are a real participant. If they do object at that point, find a new place to join.

Start your own Blog. You can put up two if you really want to benefit from Blogging. A Blog within your domain name or on a subdomain can help you add fresh content to your website more often. That helps with the SEO. You can build a Blog on another domain name and promote links to pages within your Website and benefit from a little link popularity while also giving customers another way to find your Website. Doorway pages used to be the way to go. Blogs on their own domain name have replaced doorway pages as the way to go.

Article Marketing means writing articles and submitting them to article directories, writing quality articles and offering them to topic-relative high-traffic Websites as exclusive content, and press releases are a great source of traffic that builds link popularity as well. The traffic you get from people who read your article are many more times likely to convert to a sale than the traffic you get from search engines.

I will get new customers and signups due to this article you are reading right now. Article Marketing and Website Promotion work very well.

I hope this article has helped you to understand that owning or managing a Website is about a lot more than just getting a domain name, designing a Website, and picking a host. If you build it, they will come” does not apply to Websites.

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Will The Real Winner Please Stand Up?

What basic winning strategy do almost all gamblers ignore — to their detriment?

Creating a clear-cut definition of what winning means to them.

Yes, this seems so simple it’s elementary, but the failure to perform this one small step before putting any of your money at risk is the root cause of great suffering.

If you don’t know when you’re winning, you also don’t know when you’re losing — which means you probably are.

Here’s a difference between winning and losing that is not often written about:

Your gambling should be consistent with the rest of your lifestyle.

A few years ago, the former Secretary of Education William Bennett has proven to be a high profile loser at gambling.

What makes William Bennett a loser is that he created a public persona as an advocate for virtue – he wrote THE BOOK OF VIRTUES.

Yes, he maintains that since his gambling didn’t hurt anyone, was legal etc that it is not a problem etc — the fact remains that most people perceive gambling as a “vice” and consider vices to be the opposite of virtues — and so now consider Mr. Bennett a hypocrite.

So gambling has cost him far more money than the bets he lost. Not to mention such intangibles as reputation, respect etc.

Jean Scott appears to be a terrific winning gambler. Why?

She greatly enjoys spending large amounts of time playing video poker and the Las Vegas lifestyle.

She knows how to leverage her playing time to obtain the maximum possible comp rewards, plus find and claim all desireable coupons and other special promotional offers.

She and her husband spend lots of time in Las Vegas and yet pay very little cash out of their pockets. Partly because they play so many video poker games that they qualify for lots of free hotel rooms, free meals and even free air trips.

Like Mr. Bennett, Jean Scott is also an author — of THE FRUGAL GAMBLER. I’m sure she hasn’t sold as many books as he has, but since the subject of her book is consistent with her lifestyle, she can’t be called a hypocrite.

I don’t know either of these people personally. I have every reason to believe that both are good, upstanding people.

The difference between the winner and the loser is simple. Jean Scott has fit gambling into her life and her life to gambling — and enjoys it all.

William Bennett kept his gambling part of his private life while his public life was to promote virtue. The gap now makes him seem a hypocrite to many people and over the years will cost him a lot in terms of reduced money for his books and speeches. It may have cost him the United States presidency, since he was considered a possible Republican candidate. That’s now out of the question.

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